Essential oils effect on psycho-emotional state

Elena Klimakova
Aromatherapist, MAA expert

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I would like to share my experience of using essential oils in my practice.I am a doctor, but I left medicine and have been working as a business trainer for the last 12 years.
One of my areas of expertise is training pharmacy employees. I have been interested in essential oils for about 20 years, and 2 years ago they came into my life professionally.

From September 2021 till May 2022, I conducted seminars on emotional intelligence for pharmacy employees. We chose this topic because of the heightened emotionality of people during the Covid pandemic. Pharmacists were encountering aggressive customer behavior more and more and it became important for them to learn how to manage their emotions. Totally I conducted 26 seminars, attended by almost 1,000 pharmacists.

In the seminar I inserted a block on aromatherapy as one of the tools of managing emotions. The seminar included a master class on how to prepare salts bath salts with essential oils for personal use. The duration of the master class was about 20 minutes, during this time we made 2 kinds of salts:

"Anti-stress" with orange (5 drops) and lavender (1 drop) essential oils,

"Mojito" with lime (5 drops) and peppermint (1 drop) essential oils.

The oils used were 100% natural, quality ones from a renowned manufacturer, Young Living.

The base oils were Himalayan, Crimean and English salts with a total in a volume of 450 grams.

Aromatherapy information for the participants was new, very useful and up-to-date. All noted the significant advantage of these oils over those sold in drugstores and the ones they used before: more pleasant and natural scent, and a quicker effect on mood. For the most part everyone tolerated the oils well, only 2 people cringed at the smell and refused to do salts, citing allergies to oils in the past.

I asked participants to rate their condition on a 10-point scale before and after preparation of the salts. The starting condition was rated by most participants at 8-9-10 points, in isolated cases 5-6. After the master class the level was always significantly higher. And often exceeded 10 on a 10-point scale. Photos of scores I attach.

Essential oils action was especially meaningful on February 24, 2022, when the SWO has begun. The participants were very tense, fear and anxiety prevailed. The level on the 10 scale was 5-6 points, which was significantly lower than the scores at the previous trainings. After master class, participants noted that calmness and a sense of happiness appeared.

Their score on the scale rose up to 9-10. Undoubtedly, these effects are caused by the action of essential oils, which which give tranquility, relaxation and increase of mood. Even a small amount of drops of essential oils in the salt and a short contact has a good regulating influence on the psycho-emotional state.

And participants got a second wave of good mood when they took a bath with aroma-salt, made by their own hands.

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