Association of individuals and legal entities engaged in aromatherapy

International Aromatherapy Association

The International Association of Aromatherapists is an association of individuals and legal entities who are engaged in aromatherapy.

Any aromatherapist who accepts our statutory goals and pays membership fees can become a member.

The IAA was created to develop its members professionalism.

The association is designed to unite individual specialists into a larger professional

community and represent their goals and reaffirm their status


Aromatherapy is currently spreading throughout the world at an accelerated pace. It is a great method of maintaining health and quality of life. There are more and more aromatherapists & every home is needed aromatherapy.

Until the structure itself is not clear & there are too many disjointed specialists, in order to make it easier to reach the goals in their development, we've created the International Association of Aromatherapists.

  • It will help you promote your brand;
  • You will be able to participate in conferences
  • to get a qualification prove certificate;
  • You will receive quality training and support programs within our Association;
  • You will be able to receive letters of reference;
  • And a lot more

I have been practicing aromatherapy since 1998, and I know from my experience how hard it is to go further all alone. I propose to create a strong team of specialists who will meet challenges all together. We will all get a higher status when we declare ourselves from the International Association of Aromatherapists.

Join us!

Anna Semenova IAA President

About us IAA

  • Anna Valerievna Semenova
    IAA President
    Founder and leader of aromatherapy and perfumery school “Astarta”

    Creator of plenty training programs

    Who has conducted more than 1000 private consultations, trained more than 10 000 specialists from different countries.
  • Svetlana Pavlovna Borodulina
    IAA Executive Director
    A specialist in the field of nutritiology, who took an Academician Dadali V.A. course in nutritiology for doctors.

    She has been engaged in aromatherapy since 2005, for the past few years she has been an active promoter and organizer of training programs and seminars.
Phone: +7 (925) 727-75-35
Email: maa@aromatherapyassociation.com
Address: 8 Mozhaisky val, Moscow, 121151
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