International Association of Aromatherapists

International Association of Aromatherapists - an association of individuals and legal entities engaged in aromatherapy


The International Association of Aromatherapists is an association of individuals and legal entities who are engaged in aromatherapy.

Any aromatherapist who accepts our statutory goals and pays membership fees can become a member.

The IAA was created to develop its members professionalism.
The association is designed to unite individual professionals into a large professional
community and represent their goals and reaffirm their status:

· In other professional communities and organizations;
· At international conferences and professional symposiums;
· at educational institutions;
· in the process of employment;
· in the creation and promotion of their educational programs;
· in the creation and promotion of their brands and products;
· In all cases where the status of the association can be useful.

The IAA promotes the highest level of professionalism among its members.
You can be certified as an Aromatherapy Expert by passing the qualifying exam.

IAA members also have access to educational programs on the most favorable conditions. IAA members receive IAA certificates upon completion of their courses.

Professional development courses with subsequent certification are offered by IAA.
IAA offers its members the opportunity to attend International Aromatherapy Conferences as a speaker or listener.

The IAA holds monthly online briefings to share experiences, with the participation of aromatherapy experts. Here you can discuss difficult cases from your practice or get advice on your personal situation.
Support for the members of the IAA is conducted in a separate chat room.
Membership fee is 5000 rubles per year. Contributions go to the statutory purposes of the organization.
1. Any person or company that shares its goals and objectives can become a member of the Association.

2. In order to become a member of the IAA, you need to fill out an application to join the association.
We will review it within 3 days.

3. In case of positive decision you have to pay membership fee for the first year - 5000 rubles.
(99,9% of cases decision will be positive. We can refuse only in case of fraud or violation of ethical norms of the society).

4. Membership payment details:


Account number: 40703810438440000005

Taxpayer Identification Number (INN): 6671192012
Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP): 667101001

Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) : 1216600066715
Beneficiary bank: ALFA-BANK Ekaterinburg Branch
RCBIC (BIK): 046577964
Corr. acc.: 30101810100000000964
Purpose of payment: Membership fee (full name). VAT is not imposed.
Amount of payment: 5000 rubles per year.

5. After that, we enter you into the IAA register of members and send you a membership certificate by mail. You become a full member of the International Aromatherapy Association.


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