Aromatherapy for patients suffering from meteopathic reactions

Aromatherapy for patients suffering from meteopathic reactions

Ludmila Provorova, Moscow, Russia.
Clinical psychologist, sexologist.
Methods of work: psychopuncture, Recall Healing, aromatherapy, personal perfumery.
Dear colleagues, friends, aromatherapy lovers!

Today I want to share my experience, connected with help to patients, who have been revealed to have disorders of adaptation mechanisms, in particular, giving out meteopathic reactions to the Earth's perturbed magnetic field.

People, as a clinical psychologist, most often come to me after visiting to a neurologist. Doctors recommend supplementing treatment with a visit to a psychologist to relieve psychosomatic manifestations, as a complementary therapy to the traditional therapies.

Aromatherapy successfully helps to strengthen the body's adaptation mechanisms by Its impact on the nerves and emotions. The main active power of aromatherapy - the highest quality essential oils, which usually cannot be bought in a regular pharmacy. Only real, high-quality oils have the strongest effects.

They can stimulate, relax, harmonize and adapt.

Let's review the groups of oils.

The stimulating group of essential oils (hereafter EO) increases physical and mental efficiency, increases concentration. Stimulating oils include, for example, lithium, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, etc.

The relaxing group of oils has a calming effect and is good for relieving manifestation of anxiety, nervous and mental tension. This group includes well-known to many people EO lavender, oregano, clary sage, ylang-ylang, etc.

Adaptogenic group of EOs gives a noticeable result in stress, PTSD, acclimatization, meteopathic reactions. Adaptogenic effect is manifested in the form of improved well-being, regulation of sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system. The group of adaptogens includes emulsions of spruce, bergamot, lemongrass, etc.

Harmonizing group of EOs is interesting because it affects all directions (stimulation, relaxation and adaptation) to the same extent. In the therapeutic such group harmonizes all psychic processes: sandalwood, frankincense, hyssop, myrrh, etc.

The stabilizing group of EOs affects the labile nervous system, gently correcting the emotional background of the person correcting the emotional background of a person. Stabilizing EOs include orange, verbena, absolute jasmine, neroli etc.

Division into groups of oils is given in Sakov's interpretation.

So, of all the groups of EOs we are interested in the group that helps people with adaptation and manifestation of various reactions in perturbed magnetic field of the Earth.

With such clients we conduct a condition test. Of the 25 EOs assigned to various groups, the person being tested chooses 5 most pleasant aromas for him/her.

We make a composition of these aromas, and give them to test person for "home" use for 21 days. This can be either inhaling from the bottle or applied to the body, added to special cosmetics, worn in an aroma cylinder, etc.

If there is no possibility of fully testing, we can offer an oil, which is the most pleasant for a patient by its smell, can be chosen from a group of adaptogens.

In this case, we recommend that the day before the expected magnetic disturbance inhale the most "pleasant" of the designated group of EOs several times a day, drop it into a diffuser, use in a personal inhaler, aromaticulon, even in a car.

Naturally, following all the safety rules.

As a rule, in warm season people choose from the group of strong adaptive Eos the most "light" in sound, but not in effect. These are, in particular, Bergamot, Peppermint, Eucalyptus.

When it is cold you usually choose spruce, camphor, cedar, Atlas cedar and myrtle, juniper, fir, pine.

As a result, meteodependence are very well controlled by personal appointments, improving the quality of life. Against the background of the Aromadiagnostics and implementation of all recommendations, patients reduce the dosage. Drugs are prescribed after consultation with the doctor and in some cases can be canceled.

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