Aroma and Lithotherapy

Aroma and Lithotherapy

Бородулина Светлана

Founder and executive director of the International Association of Aromatherapists

My workshop "Jutazafel Wanderings"

"Practice is the criterion of truth," philosophers of all times have said. This means that you should always look at the result.

It's easy to get lost in theories, but if there's no positive result there's nothing to talk about. For some reason this postulate came to mind when I decided to formulate my ideas. The conclusions I have made are not intended to be true. They are observations of recent years and my own experience. My methods work very effectively in practice and have allowed me to expand the circle of like-minded people.

The energy of the environment has changed a lot in recent years. And not just "spiritual and esoteric vibrations," but quite scientific parameters like
Schumann's resonance, which you can see changing all the time. You can argue about the transition of the Earth into a new dimension, or this or that changes, but people all around feel them.

The world is changing very rapidly.

In recent years our bodies, psyche, and consciousness have undergone very serious transformations. What have I noticed? There has been a fantastic increase in interest in aromatherapy practices as well as natural minerals. Knowledge about the use of minerals is usually called lithotherapy. And Anna Semenova and I even came up with a name for their combination, Aroma & Lithotherapy. The play on words captures the essence.

That is why I created the whole collection of aroma jewelry made of gems with the possibility to apply essential oils. They include volcanic lava, which perfectly holds the fragrance.

15 years ago, people couldn't understand why they needed essential oils, but now everything has changed and a person does not need any presentation about.

If in the past, people used to bring back from school trips some stones, now stones came into almost every apartments.

All this I would write off to the peculiarities of my own personal progress, but I am simply shocked by the massiveness of this phenomenon. I get the impression It seems that everyone is into Aroma & Lithotherapy now what, by the way, is having amazing results.

As an observer of this amazing process, I can say that this is no accident.
After all, man has been using these tools for himself since ancient times. Then this knowledge has been lost and demand was minimized.

I live in the Urals in Yekaterinburg and there are tremendous opportunities to work and study gems. I have created my own workshop and thousands of author's works.

There's a kind of special phenomenon.

I see people who have been practicing aromatherapy for a long time buying their tenth bracelet or rosary with burning eyes.

They carry cobblestones in their pockets and bags because they are their "friends".

And famous lithotherapists, on stone gatherings, shyly pull out from their bags the vials of of essential oils "for better mood."

I, personally, am clearly aware that without stones and oils, I would be unlikely to remain healthy and adequate to the events of my life over the past three years.

As strange as it may sound, more and more people are not turning their heads, but sharing which stones they take to bed and which ones to take to work. I feel like the stones and oils together help me ground myself, find inner support and outer adequacy in our complex, fast-paced lives.

I have been surprised by this phenomenon, having observed it for several years, I am observing it and would be grateful for any information and your experience on the subject. It seems to me that right now, we can't even understand its significance yet, for the preservation of our civilization.

The concept is now changing in general from "cure disease" to "maintain good health and resource" and more and more people are succeeding in that and not getting sick. Everyone now has a choice: suffer and complain about hard realities or find new ways to evolve.

While the mechanism of essential oil is quite clear and studied by science the effect of stones still might be difficult to explain.

The properties of minerals have been known to mankind for thousands of years. These qualitiesare due to the crystal lattice of each mineral. And the rest of it works in an incomprehensible.

Our body responds to the stone, apparently the stone helps turn on the necessary and the "vibrations" that are salvageable for us at this moment. How else do you explain the incredible attraction of rocks?

Physics, it seems. People have been using this phenomenon for thousands of years. But these tools have become more relevant than ever to the survival and success of those who seek to to adapt to the vibrations of the new environment in the most comfortable possible way.

And it is not just that new, previously unknown minerals, very ancient, but with new properties. The Earth gives new helpers to humanity.

Can we hear? Can we? Can we do it? I have great faith.

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