Aromatherapy - the best preclinical method of health maintenance

Aromatherapy - the best preclinical method of health maintenance

Maintaining health and immunity is a much better approach than treating illness and then recovering from it.

This will include regular screening exams, replenishment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, early detection of pathological processes.

And, of course, lifestyle.

- Proper nutrition;

- physical activity;

- maintaining the balance of the nervous system;

- disease prevention.

Aromatherapy can provide an invaluable service

Smells have a very profound effect on the brain and, more often, we are not even aware of it. The impact of natural plant scents is much stronger and this is due to the genetic memory of our species in which they are embedded. Our subconscious mind takes the scents of plants and flowers as a sign of good living conditions. When we get there, our emotional state and hormones improve.

Supposedly, some components of essential oils have an affinity with our nerve cell receptors and can affect them.

The aromas of essential oils affect the deepest regulatory mechanisms of the body. In addition, essential oils contain substances that can destroy all kinds of pathogenic flora (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa) and have analgesic and anti-inflammatory and many other effects.

The effects of essential oils are complex and not fully understood. But using them is very simple and available to all. Only two conditions are needed:

- The essential oil must be of good quality and natural;

- You have to like the smell.

This simplicity makes aromatherapy the best method of maintaining health for everyone. You don't need a medical degree to use it and the techniques are extremely simple.

I have been practicing aromatherapy for 24 years and have seen many miracles: sudden cures for serious illnesses, rapid recovery of resources and dramatic improvements in emotional well-being, even in the most difficult cases.

Aromatherapy has helped me personally to stay healthy, beautiful and resourceful all these years and it is especially valuable after age of 50. That's why I can strongly recommend aromatherapy to every home and it will greatly improve the quality of your life.

Anna Semenova - President of the International Aromatherapy Association

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